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We work with your talent acquisition to identify the right talent at the right time within the right budget

As a small organization that is still evolving, we understand the below points are critical to attract talent which is why we are here to pose a solution for each –
  • The toughest job for any organization is to position the right person for the right job which is why we’re here to make that easier on you. To display a fraction of our commitment, our redesigned logo that you are currently seeing represents a “horse-shoe” magnet, symbolically saying – “we focus on attracting and nurturing talent”. 
  • Resume portals and recruitment agencies have ended up as “clearing and forwarding” agents where a requirement file is simply downloaded, ceremonial chat is initiated, and a bunch of resumes are forwarded with no detail-oriented analysis. On that account, we bring a great personalized value-add to you by being a smaller IT company that knows the pain of technical leads, project managers and clients during technical evaluations (aka the second-round interviews!). 
  • Is the “three months” notice is a boon or a bane? This “free for all” time leads to slippage of an individual and ends up with them missing their potential joining date.  Here comes into picture our focused “engaging the candidate” approach that helps minimize surprises and reduce losses.  

Our Staffing Services

Simple old-aged recruitment services (with a difference!): We don’t fully subscribe to the idea of Naukri, Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and other portals helping as gateways to find the right talent. With our experience, we picked up on various ways to scout the best possible talent. In addition to the portals, we focus on targeted relationships, headhunting, internal referrals, and right mining to help you to find the refined talent that meets your requirements. Let your TA team discuss with our TA team to augment their TA team. Please click here so that our TA head can directly connect with your preferred individuals.

Staff Augmentation Services: These cost-effective internal survival tactics have become mature enough to go beyond our boundaries. Within our organization’s 10+ years journey, simplified versions of “funnel-model” screening, customized “DISC profiling”, and brief 30 minutes aptitude tests have enabled us to pick bright and capable candidates to build our healthcare solutions (patient apps and provider apps), small-banking solutions (loans and savings applications), mobile applications (iOS and android native plus Flutter based cross-platform), and to deliver safety-critical testing services (as per CEMILAC, JSS, DO 178 B/C standards). Please click here to fix an appointment to discuss our success stories at a higher level. We would love to work with you to go into detail on the formal NDA and next steps. You can count on us to work better, cheaper, faster, larger, and steadier in this segment.

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